We are an independent charity that supports isolated/excluded/vulnerable adults by:

  • Empowering them to make informed choices
  • Challenging barriers to access appropriate care and support
  • Advocating for people without judgement and according to their expressed needs and beliefs
  • Representing the views or wishes of those who lack capacity, or have communication difficulties
  • Safeguarding people’s rights to help them improve their quality of life

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is taking action to help people:

  • Express their views and wishes
  • Secure their rights
  • Have their interests represented
  • Access information and services
  • Explore choices and options

We provide advocacy for adults who have issues relating to the following:

  • Financial – including financial abuse
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Care Act

Services We Provide:

  • Help obtaining benefits and entitlements
  • Help with completing forms for benefits
  • Help people with their housing choices
  • Give help and information on Care/Nursing Homes
  • Assist those with debts by means of negotiating with creditors and helping to arrange manageable repayment plans.

We Will:

  • Promote and support individuals’ independence
  • Develop awareness of the importance of independent advocacy among service providers and the general public
  • Demonstrate a commitment to working in partnership with clients and service providers, and/or other professionals, to help improve the individual’s quality of life