SEAS Staff

“We are a small, independent Charity that advocates on behalf of adults who experience financial, and/or, social difficulties in their lives and need someone to work on their behalf. This enables them to access services and benefits that they are entitled to. We also safeguard their rights, empowering them to make informed choices to improve their quality of life.”

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is taking action to help people:

  • Express their views and wishes
  • Secure their rights
  • Have their interests represented
  • Access information and services
  • Explore choices and options

We provide advocacy for adults who have issues relating to the following:

  • Financial – including financial abuse
  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Care Act

Services We Provide:

  • Help obtaining benefits and entitlements
  • Help with completing forms for benefits
  • Help people with their housing choices
  • Give help and information on Care/Nursing Homes
  • Assist those with debts by means of negotiating with creditors and helping to arrange manageable repayment plans.

We Will:

  • Promote and support older peoples’ independence
  • Develop awareness of the importance of independent advocacy among service providers and the general public
  • Demonstrate a commitment to working in partnership with adults and older people, and service providers, to improve the quality of their lives and enhance their independence